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Journey to lead the way, innovating to conquer
As a Vietnamese brand, VinFast has always encountered doubts about the quality and price when compared with other famous brands. However, through in-depth research, we found that the obstacle that VinFast is facing is not only direct comparison with other brands, but also the general prejudice that consumers label for local Vietnamese brands: Not creative enough, not strong enough, not smart enough, etc ... Especially when it comes to advanced technology.

To make change, instead of arguing with mixed opinions, we choose to inspire like-minded people.

Base on this orientation, the agency has come up with the idea of "Driving Change" with the aim of turning on pride in the elite young generation, who have an optimistic spirit, dare to think and dare to do. VinFast urges them to work together to change the skepticism that we Vietnamese people often attribute to ourselves, to the community and to Vietnamese brands.