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Cùng Vinamilk Yomilk, chỉ cần xinh chứ việc gì phải thả thính!
Vinamilk Yomilk - the most recent campaign made by TBWA - has been bringing the new air for Vinamilk - the youth and positive energy for the Vietnamese young generation.

Understanding the spirit of the audience - confidence, dynamic, and creativity. The music video has been greatly welcomed under the presentation of the two most beloved singers among the young community in Vietnam: Phuong Ly and JustaTee.

Using the “Thả Thính” topic - the favorite theme is well-known but somehow too familiar with the audience. “Chẳng Cần Thính, Chỉ Cần Xinh” message has been widely spread in the public when bringing a new aspect for this "old" topic: you don’t need to flirt, anyone, when you are already magnificent. The message is a meaningful motivation for the young community fulfilling their confidence and energetic spirit.