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Turning Singapore into a one-stop destination when it comes to actualizing your passion
To show a new side of Singapore, the Singapore Tourism Board had taken on a new approach for its global campaign launch ‘Passion Made Possible’, to portray the country as a place where dreams come true. Whether you’re an explorer, a foodie, a shoppaholic or a socialiser, Singapore has just the right ‘Tribe’ for you.

Hoang Bach and his family was chosen to be the first Singapore Tourism Ambassador, representing the “Explorer Tribe”.

The music video "Daddy, let’s go to Singapore" replays a series of new experiences that Hoang Bach and his wife give to their children with the desire to nurture and realize the passion of their children, no matter how unreal and ridiculous it might seem.

Using fun experiences, cute visuals and easy-to-remember lyrics, the MV reflects the image of Singapore as a colorful place with endless attractions for families’ members to fulfill their passion.