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Bank with Standard Chartered. Earn more miles. Go explore new experience
In the context of many banks in the market encouraging customers to spend with credit cards to redeem bonus miles, Standard Chartered has combined with Vietnam Airlines (VNA) to create a completely different product. Accordingly, Standard Chartered is the first debit account to offer customers miles accumulation. More specifically, earning miles is not only through shopping spending, but also applies to all transactions with banks, including: online savings, insurance premiums, etc. These new accumulated points and many promotions are the main attraction of the program, receiving the attention of many customers who are already familiar with how to earn miles through regular credit card spending.

To introduce this product to customers in the situation of the tourism is heavily impacted by the pandemic is a tremendous challenge. People are now tightening their wallet, relying more on their savings and investing in insurance. However, in the face of opportunities, TBWA sees the opportunity to locate Standard Chartered's new miles with a new way to earn points is a smart choice for customers.

In order to make this story more interesting and gain consideration from customers, TBWA came up with a simple yet influential message: TRANSACTION. SAVE. ENJOY. (Bank. Earn. Go.)

The interesting thing is, this message will transform into different calls to remind customers that every deal with Standard Charterd adds new experiences to them, while being creative with ease. content, for example:

“Bank. Earn. Go make memories”
“Bank. Earn. Go work on your tan” 
“Bank. Earn. Go find yourself”.

These messages are conveyed vividly through 3D series and series with creative and attractive style. TBWA has changed the familiar rules of advertising for banks, instead of using people as the center, they turn experiences into centers. Therefore, this advertisement is remembered more by customers than normal advertisements in the same industry.